LPG Gas Storage Facility Phase 1

The Client wanted to keep track of the amount of milk they loaded and offloaded.



We kept the truck design and just added our valves and PLC with the twist of a cell phone to keep track of the milk that is in the tanker. The cell phone did instant uploading to the cloud to keep the factory’s up to date of how much milk is in transit and who stole milk. The app also kept data of what valve opened, amount and flow to keep data off all outlets to be sure that there are no leaking valves or stealing.

The app also consisted of a barcode scanning system on the cell phone to instantaneous loading of how much milk the farmer always produces on an average and who he is and where the farm is.

Truck Installation

Truck consist of the following components.



Flow Meter

Level Switch


Festo Valve Bank

Festo Regulator




We added 6 DN50 butterfly valves, 1 Flow meter, 2 vega swing 51 sensors and a siemens 1200 PLC to control everything from a cell phone.