Dynamic Brands

The build of an invert offloading and transfer system.


Scope of work

We did the software, wiring and commissioning on the offloading from the supply container to the holding tanks and from the holding tanks through the dosing tanks into the mixing tanks.


A brand new 1500 PLC system was installed for the offloading through to the holding tanks. 4core, 3core, 7core and 18core cables were used from the main PLC panel to the invert panel and to the field. Ethernet cable from main PLC panel to the invert panel had to be pulled in for communication. The pumps used was provided by the client, only the control and wiring was needed on the pumps. Two dosing tanks with four load cells on each tank was installed and wired.



The installation of the new PLC system is to make the offloading and the dosing of the invert automatic with the route and weight selections on the Scada. The system is design to transfer just the right amount invert from your holding tanks to the dosing tanks.


Installation of PLC, instrumentation and cables of the dosing and the offloading station were done in two weeks.



Commissioning and I/O testing was done in one week and small changes were made to improve the system.