At Automation Works we are a small but highly effective, award-winning team. We design, deliver, manage and service automated processing software systems and equipment for the food and beverage and other industrial sectors in South Africa, southern Africa and internationally.

With our specialist production automation knowledge we can meet your requirements at every step of the production process. As a Siemens Solutions Partner, we are internationally accredited to supply Siemens Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and other automation processing equipment. We also customise, supply, install and service Cheddar Block Formers and Cleaning in Place (CIP) automated systems which are internationally accredited to the highest standards of safety, hygiene and process engineering. All our equipment is designed to the highest engineering standards and is fully Hazard Analysis Critical ControlPoint (HACCP) accredited.

Our experience spans over fifty years in man-hours, giving us the depth and breadth of technological and mechanical knowledge and skills to make us leaders in our industry. This combination means that we can expertly design a sophisticated software programme while understanding the mechanical structure and operation of the machines in your factory. We apply our knowledge to help you maximise productivity, improve hygiene standards and reduce costs.


Our clients include many of the leading food and other manufacturing concerns in South Africa and southern Africa. They rely on us to provide outstanding service and reliable, high quality process automation products. Our clients have full confidence in our extensive understanding of automated manufacturing processes, systems and equipment, our service ethic and our reliable products.

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We have offices in Cape Town and Johannesburg and will soon be in Durban. Contact us today to tell us how we can help you meet your process automation and other manufacturing process requirements.

System Analysis

We conduct a full system analysis to ensure that your production automation process is operating at its optimum potential at all times. We can help you upgrade your process from non-automated to automated systems; customise and refurbish existing machines; or design your entire system from start to finish.

We can also trouble-shoot existing systems installed by other suppliers whose solutions are failing to meet
your needs.