Bonnievale Parmalat

Design, develop and install conveyor belt control at Bonnievale Parmalat Powder Factory.


Project Duration

The project duration was over 2 weeks from 4 to 14 November with 2 days on Site installation.


The factory produces whey powder that is bagged in to brown 25 kg paper bags. An ink jet printer was installed to print the labels with the batch information on. In order to insure that the label was printed correctly the conveyor belt carrying the whey powder bags needed to be controlled.


The specifications for the controlling of the belt were as follow. The conveyor belt also has a metal detection unit on it, that needed to function as normal. The controlling system needed to sense if a bag is holding up the que. If the system sees a hold up, the controller must stop the conveyor belt. When the holdup is cleared the system would switch on the belt again.

The metal detecting unit also stops the conveyor belt when metal is detected.

The following equipment was used to complete the project. The control is done by the use of a LOGO plc. The display is done on a LOGO TDE screen. The bags on the conveyor belt is detected by a photo sensor.