Electrical Cables

Can be a problem for a company that needs to order so much of it for its various projects. Unfortunately not all of it gets used up during said projects.

So we here at Automationworks would like to sell all our left over electrical cables to those who need less than the 100 meter rolls on sale on other sites and at a reduced price!

Below you can find a list of all our left over electrical cables in the google excel document.

If you find a length of cable you need from the list, please contact us using our contact page so we can get a quote to you as soon as possible.

Also we can organised full rolls of electrical cables for you from our supplier with your order if need be at full retail price so don't be afraid to ask!

Let us help you with your leftovers!

Have any left over cable bundles of your own? Is it just lying around and wasting storage space?

Contact us now so we can also list and organize the sale of your leftover cables!