Ladismith Western Cape

Automationworks was contracted to build and install a fully Automated Pasteuriser and Reverse osmosis Plant skids for Ladismith Cheese factory’s Powder division.

Ladismith Cheese Whey Case Study 5

Scope of work

Automationworks was asked for a fully automated plant that could pasteurise the whey coming from the cheese plant and concentrate the whey so it can be used in there powder blowing towers and we would be responsible for everything from start to finish. We had to design, build, install and commission both the Pasteuriser and Reverse osmosis plant.


Both the Pasteuriser and the Reverse osmosis plant was done on one PLC, a Siemens CPU 315-2 PN/DP was the main PLC and we used four Siemens ET200 cards to control all the silo’s valves from all over the factory and a CP 343-1 Lean Ethernet Card was used to communicate with a PC that was running a Wonderware InTouch Scada System and two KTP1000 PN HMI Touch Panels. We also used Profibus to control 11 Danfoss VSD’s.

Ladismith Cheese Whey Case Study 4


A large part of the stainless steel work and electrical work such as panel building and instrumentation connecting of both plants was built in our workshop on skids and then ship to the factory, the pipe work between the two skids and the silos was done on site, as well as the remaining electrical work.

Ladismith Cheese Whey Case Study 6