Lourens Boerdery

We had to build a 50-meter feeder that feeds on the time the farmer sets up on the HMI.

Equipment Used

Panel needed to be built with a siren and HMI mounted to the panel. PVC pipe was used as the trough, as well as the supply for the feed. Proxy is used for the system to show when the feeder is full and the VSD need to switch off. The speed of the auger is controlled by a VSD located in the panel. A big bin was provided by the farmer and we modified it to fit and use as our supply bin for the feeder. LED base lights was installed with a light switch for the farmer to see at night


The Sheep feeder is designed to put the sheep in an eating routine, depending on how many and what time of the day the farmer wants his sheep to eat.



Installation took a while because of time lost due to waiting for the suppliers. But as soon as we had everything, we worked hard putting in the hours to finished everything on time.


Testing of the feeder and setting up the feeding time took us 6 hours in total and the client was very pleased with the system and installation.