Ladismith Cheese

Automation works was asked to give a quotation to clean the heat exchange of the pasteurizer.


Scope of work

The work that needed to be done was to take of all the pipes connected to the heat exchanger, take it apart and clean it properly then put it back together.

Work Compeleted

We measured the heat exchanger to know how much it must be fastened again when we put it back together. We started taking it apart and everything was clean untill we got to the product part of the plate pack. So we numbered the plates and took it out. We tried to clean it but the old product was backed so hard because of how many times they tried to clean it with the CIP. We left it overnight in a drum full of hot water and caustic acid.


The next morning when we got on site, the old product literally fell off when we started to clean it with the brushes. We put it back together making sure it had the right measurements. We started it up and it was running like a brand new plant.