Ladismith Parmalat

Automation works was contracted to build a new CIP for Parmalats Powder plant that could be added on to their existing plant to work with all their CIP’s.


Scope of work

Automation Works was asked to build a fully automatic CIP that would be able to wash the powder tower, all their whey holding tanks, their separator and their whey filter. We were also responsible for the design of the plant.

Equipment Used

The CIP works off a Siemens ET200 rack with a profibus that’s controlled from an CPU that we installed a while back in the main MCC (Motor Control Center). All the motor circuits were also run from the main MCC. We use Inoxpa control tops to control all of the valves of the CIP.


We built a small skid that had all of the CIP valves on it and also build the ET200 panel that was built onto the skid in house. All the wiring from the ET200 panel to all of the valves was done in our workshop.

We then shipped the skid and all of the tanks to the site. There we completed the rest of the pipe work and all of the airlines to control the valves as well as the remainder of the electrical work.

We then upgraded their Scada that was done at our workshop and just commission on site.