Siemens LOGO!
PLC online training

Automation Works, in partnership with TechnoSmart247 is now supporting an innovative on-line training course to provide you with an in-depth overview of the Siemens LOGO! PLC. No prior knowledge of PLCs are needed.

Course structure
The course consists of 10 online modules, with 3 practical assessments. Each module consists of:

  • Videos with interactive questions
  • One or more assignments submitted online and individually marked

The practical assignments are completed over 2 days at one of our training facilities. Siemens LOGO! PLCs and FESTO Didactic equipment are used. The facilitators will be available for any questions/queries for the duration of the course.

A detailed description of the curriculum is provided below.
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Contact and enrollment:
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Detailed Curriculum:

Introduction to PLCs

  • What does PLC stand for?
  • What does a PLC do?
  • Meet the Siemens LOGO! module
  • Application examples
  • The LOGO! module wiring
  • The Siemens LOGO! software
  • The program interface

Digital Functions and Timers

  • Digital signals
  • Digital functions in LOGO! Soft Comfort
  • Timer signals in LOGO! Soft Comfort
  • Example

Sensors and Actuators

  • The purpose of sensors
  • Basic principles of sensors
  • Industry examples of sensors
  • The purpose of actuators
  • Industry examples of actuators

Basic Functions

  • Logic gates/operators
  • Truth tables
  • AND gate and function block
  • OR gate and function block
  • NOT gate and function block
  • AND gate and function block
  • NOR gate and function block
  • XOR gate and function block
  • AND (Edge) gate and function block
  • NAND (Edge) gate and function block

Counters and Relays

1. Counters:

  • What are the functions of counters in PLCs?
  • Up/down function block
  • Hours counter function block
  • Threshold trigger function block

2. Relays:

  • Latching relay function block
  • Pulse relay function block

Application Examples 1

  • Example 1: The control of roll-down shutters
  • Example 2: Step control for 4 outputs

Analogue Functions

  • Analog vs Digital
  • Gain and Offset
  • Analog Comparator
  • Analog Threshold Trigger
  • Analog Amplifier
  • Analog Watchdog
  • Analog Differential Trigger
  • Analog MUX
  • Analog Ramp
  • PWM
  • Min/Max Value
  • Average Value

Emergency switches and text display function

  • E-STOP and Safety relays
  • Configuring a safety relay in LOGO!
  • The Text Display and Message Text function
  • Cursor function
  • TD function key

Networks and Communication

  • Network mode
  • Data Log Function
  • Importing data to MS Excel
  • The Communication Module Radio and its applications

Application Examples 2

  • Two-point Heating Control
  • Elevating Platform
  • Control System for Cable Welding Machines