Cheddar Block

Traditionally, block forming was a long, laborious process that required ongoing human contact. The process was costly and there was a high risk of contamination due to the handling required. In addition, traditional block formers could only produce 20kg blocks, which limited production volumes and resulted in high product wastage.

At Automation Works we import cheddar block formers for the South African market. We also refurbish used block formers to the same standards as new machines, helping you to keep your costs low. Our refurbished block formers are entirely reconstructed in South Africa using high quality components from world-leading suppliers. We integrate Siemens PLCs and equipment with HMI components to assure you of outstanding production quality and automation

Depending on your requirements we can customise your block formers to produce 10kg or 20kg blocks, or both sizes in one machine, helping you manage your volumes more efficiently, reduce storage requirements and manage your quality control more effectively. The cheddar block former design also helps maintain better product consistency in a more sterile environment, control your weight consistency, reduce trim losses and improve hygiene.

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