Design and build

Automation Works Consulting offers a complete design and build option for your next process automation or industrial control systems project - during every stage of the process. This includes needs assessment, design & build of equipment, installation and training of personnel. Our turn-key package is very appealing to decision makers of process control projects.

Automation Works  team members are experts at instrumentation and systems integration.

Regardless of whether you require a whole new system or integration with your current system, the combination of our engineering services and workshop can provide you with a complete and custom turn-key solution. Everything from engineering, building, installation, integration, and ongoing maintenance is all available through us.

And finally, design and build requires a comprehensive approach to implementing your automated control system. Multiple vendors will typically cover-off and consider only their portion of the project, and are less likely to fully consider the big picture. When Automation Works Consulting takes on a project from a design and build perspective, we take it all on.

Automation Works Consulting will work through the following elements for you:
  • Scope off work
  • Design System
    • Setup P&ID
  • Systems Integration
    • I/O List
    • PLC Specification
    • Instrumentation Specification
  • Installation
  • Training
  • Ongoing Maintenance
  • Future Expansion
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