Parmalat Parrow

We managed and installed the Incubator Temperature Control System of Parmalat Parow.


Scope of work

We had to move and rebuild the PLC panel as well as the HMI panel. Network Cable had to be pulled in and also all six temperature probes cables. Motion detectors had to be installed with lights in all three of the rooms. Six heaters had to be wired and cables had to be pulled in. Scada system was installed from operating room. PLC had to be Programmed as well as the HMI. Wiring diagrams was drawn and given to the client. Each heater and light have their own junction box.

Equipment Used

Six temperature probes was used for the three Rooms (two probes in each room). Three motion Detectors was wired to the lights of each room so if any movement is picked up by the sensors in any of the rooms the lights will go on. PLC had to be built on site with six contactors, six analogs and three light circuits build into the panel. HMI panel was also build on site with the HMI, emergency stop button and led light on the panel. Network cable had to be pulled from operating room to the main switch. Scada system was installed on the Computer given to us in the operating room.



The Incubator temperature system is used to test sterility of the product.


Installation for lights, panels, heaters and temperature probes had to be done in a day’s time.


The installation and wiring was done the first day. The second day the testing and commissioning was done.