An example of the electrical Drawings we can provide.

Layout drawing

At Automation works we do a wide range of drawings including electrical drawings for varies projects.

The drawings range from electrical supply layouts, electrical panel layout, electrical input and output drawings and any other electrical drawings that are required or requested by a client.

Electrical power supply drawing show all incoming power and how the power are distributed. The drawing also indicates al wiring and how each components needs to be wired in.

Panel layout

The real world drawing is a visual representation of the power supply drawing for an easier understanding of the layout drawing, that can be used for explain and more effective communication.

Electrical panel layout drawings are a visual representation of how the panel containing the PLC, bus bar, terminals, relay, etc. are laid out. The drawing shows each component.

Electrical input and output drawing show how each component and instrument are wire to the PLC’s input and output cards.