Project "Tiger Brands Boksburg"

Status: Completed Successfully

Client: Tiger Brands Boksburg
Start date: 08-Aug-2011
End date: 08-Aug-2011
Project: Tiger Brands Boksburg
Scope of work:
Automation Works was contacted to solve a problem on the Tomato sauce squeeze line.
Equipment used:
Design: Automation works was then requested to replace the Control panel and damaged equipment.
Installation: The new control panel was installed and the wiring redone according to the schematic drawings of the machine. The squeeze line was tested for operation functionality and there were no reported issues.
Commissioning: On investigation it was discovered that the CPU and Output module had been damaged due to water entering the panel through cracks, during routine cleaning. Additional quotes will be sent for an additional panel to house a solenoid bank at the rear of the new control panel.