Project "Reprogram and re-wire Cheddar Block Formers"

Status: Completed Successfully

Client: Ladismith Cheese - Cape Town
Start date: 06-Oct-2014
End date: 08-Oct-2014
Project: Reprogram and re-wire Cheddar Block Formers
Scope of work:
Re-programs S7300 PLC + HMI, re-design and re-wire complete installation
Equipment used:
S7300 PLC
Design: Develop a reliable Control Software and panel layout
Installation: On site installation, Fit new pneumatic panels, re-pipe all piping, re-programs S7300 PLC
Commissioning: The complete job was completed in a 2 day period. With production running, the commissioning was done to obtain the fastest possible cycle time and quality cheddar blocks.