Project "Quality control scale project"

Status: Completed Successfully

Client: Parmalat Stellenbosh
Start date: 30-Mar-2012
End date: 13-Apr-2012
Project: Quality control scale project
Scope of work:
Automation Works was contracted by Parmalat Stellenbosh to design and implement a scale interface system to collect and store quality control data to a database for one of the production lines in their plant.
Equipment used:
1 x Scale
1 x Micro PC
1 x Screen
Software to interface with the current system
1 x Waterproof casing for the PC and screen with a stand
Design: An analysis was done on the system currently in use. The current software runs on Micro PC’s, storing data on a database in an office PC from where reports can be generated for quality control and equipment calibration.
An interface for the scale was designed and installed on the Micro PC.
A stainless steel cabinet was modified to house the waterproof casing.
Installation: .
Commissioning: The only human interface on the computer is a mouse. A work order can be selected if it is currently on the system if the status is “started” or “in process”. Completed work orders/ batches are not shown. A work order corresponds to a product batch. If it is a new work order, the operator gets the order number from the office personnel and enters it on the system to create a new work order.

If a product batch has been started, spot checks are done on the packaged products to test if the product falls within the specified weight range. The weight, current batch weight statistics and current item over- or under- weight data is displayed. The data is then stored on a database in order for the laboratory to do quality control