Project "Parmalat Ladismith CIP Plant"

Status: Completed Successfully

Client: Parmalat Ladismith CIP Plant
Start date: 12-Jan-2010
End date: 10-Mar-2010
Project: Parmalat Ladismith CIP Plant
Scope of work:
Redo Electrical panel and automate the CIP plant with recipe control + Scada Report.
Equipment used:
The project was done on a small budget. Most of the equipment was reused and the panel was one off them. We rebuild the panel to the design that we did before we started the shutdown. The main PLC and HMI(Human Man Interface)was replaced with a Siemens TP177B, the main PLC was a CPU313 and Ethernet card for communication to the SCADA System.
Design: We had 4 days to rebuild, test and commission the plant. The first 3 days was spend rebuilding and installing new field cables and air piping. We had 12 hours to test and ensure plant functionality. We started production and the system was tested during production.
Installation: We upgrade the pasteurizer in 2005 with a S7315 CPU.
Upgrade the OO VAT’s in January 2010
And Cip August 2010
Commissioning: We upgrade the pasteurizer in 2005 with a S7315 CPU.