Project "Mooivallei Cheese Towers"

Status: Completed Successfully

Client: Mooivallei Dairies
Start date: 05-Jan-2015
End date: 27-Mar-2015
Project: Mooivallei Cheese Towers
Scope of work:
Supplier install and commission two block former's cheese towers
Equipment used:
HMI panel, PLC Panel and motor Panel consisting of KTP600 HMI + Siemens S7300 PLC and powertran motor control circuit
Design: Design control panel with a Siemens S7300 PLC in a stainless steel panel for the wet environment, all electrical drawings done on Eplan, 3D HMI Drawings of the tower and motor control interface
Installation: Installation was quite challenging to carry a +-8m cheese tower through the factory. Then rigging had to be done with no support from the top and forklifts pushing from the bottom. ALl pipework and installation had to be done after hours due to production during the day.
Commissioning: Commissioning was done during production.