Project "Materials Handling Projects (MHP)"

Status: Completed Successfully

Client: Materials Handling Projects (MHP)
Start date: 01-Jun-2011
End date: 02-Jun-2011
Project: Materials Handling Projects (MHP)
Scope of work:
MHP contracted Automation Works to design and install a conveyor control system. The system must control three conveyors of which one must be configurable using a VSD.
Equipment used:
Siemens switchgear, Verispeed VSD
Design: A control panel was designed to accommodate Contact breakers, DOL motor starters, Relays, Panel Isolator and VSD. The wiring layout was configured to provide the maximum protection for the conveyors operation with the client’s objectives in mind.
Installation: The Control Panel was securely mounted and power was routed on a cable rack to the panel. Cable racks were also mounted to accommodate the wiring from the conveyor motors to the control panel.
Commissioning: A complete system check was conducted by Automation Works and all three conveyors are operational. The VSD has been configured to operate one motor of a conveyor. All cables have neatly been secured to cable trays. Drawings of the Conveyor Control Panel have been completed and a laminated copy placed together with the VSD Manual in the Conveyor Control Panel.