Project "Marble Gold"

Status: Completed Successfully

Client: Marble Gold
Start date: 01-Apr-2011
End date: 01-May-2011
Project: Marble Gold
Scope of work:
Automation Works was contracted to design and configure a Clean in Place (CIP) at a newly developing juice plant, the plant will produce a variety of juices and later be contracted to produce flavored milk.
Equipment used:
Siemens switchgear, HMI
Design: Two Control panels were designed and built by Automation Works to control the automation of the CIP process, Mixing process and Transfer process. Each control panel was installed with a HMI for user friendly control. A well planned SCADA system was also designed and the operation of the plant can be monitored from a Control room.
Installation: Automation Works worked closely with the designing of the CIP and Mixing stations. Equipment was installed and configured to meet the high standards required when automating the CIP process and controlling the Mixing process. Cables were routed on cable trays from each component to the control panels, both for CIP and Mixing.
Commissioning: Extensive commissioning runs were performed to monitor each process in the CIP and Mixing process. All steps in the CIP, Transfer and Mixing processes function and execute correctly to comply with the high standards set by Automation Works.