Project "Jireh Dairy Block Former"

Status: Completed Successfully

Client: Jireh
Start date: 02-Sep-2010
End date: 21-Mar-2011
Project: Jireh Dairy Block Former
Scope of work:
Revamp Old Block Former and Supply new Control Panel.
Equipment used:
S7-300 PLC and a 6” color Siemens HMI
Design: Revamp 2 Block formers for cheese processing. Design 10kg or 20kg blocks with minimal change-parts.
Installation: Supply and install all the equipment in the short as possible time. All mechanical and electrical equipment. As per design.
Commissioning: This was done over the December period with minimum staff available. The complex block former is controlled by a S7-300 PLC and a 6” color Siemens HMI. The system is fully automated. All faults and indications on HMI.