Project "ESL Pasteurizer"

Status: Completed Successfully

Client: Montic Dairy
Start date: 02-Sep-2009
End date: 10-Jan-2010
Project: ESL Pasteurizer
Scope of work:
Design a Pasteurizer that will supply ESL milk at a speed of 15000l/h.
Equipment used:
Combination of manufacturer's equipment.
Design: Design the new system by using other equipment manufactures' equipment and make it work. The milk intake to the pasteurizer, the pasteurizer, separator, bactofuge, homogenizer and milk from the pasteurizer to the milk silos.
Installation: Supply and install all the equipment in the short as possible time. All mechanical and electrical equipment. As per design.
Commissioning: This was done over the December period with minimum staff available. The complex pasteurizer is controlled by a S7-300 PLC and a 10” color Siemens HMI. The system is fully automated.