Project "CIP Upgrade (Onderstepoort Biological Products Ltd)"

Status: Completed Successfully

Client: Onderstepoort Biological Products Ltd
Start date: 01-Feb-2010
End date: 28-Apr-2010
Project: CIP Upgrade (Onderstepoort Biological Products Ltd)
Scope of work:
Upgrade CIP Control from S5 to S7300 controller with HMI’s.
Equipment used:
S7300 controller with HMI
Design: Develop a reliable CIP Control with user interface & reporting system for monitoring purposes.
Installation: Replace S5 PLC’s with S7 300 rack and ET200 rack & rewire control panels in two production plants.
Commissioning: Commissioning was done in phases, without interrupting any production time. CIP was commissioned successfully and further improvements on the system were pointed out to the client.