A list of case studies and projects successfully completed in automation

1. 00 VAT’s Control panel upgrade. Parmalat Ladismith
2. CIP Refubishment & Upgrade Marcels Frozen Yoghurt
3. CIP Upgrade (Onderstepoort Biological Products Ltd) Onderstepoort Biological Products Ltd
4. Conveytrac Conveytrac
5. ESL Pasteurizer Montic Dairy
6. Jireh Dairy Block Former Jireh
7. Ladismith Powder Pasteurizer Installation Ladismith Powder Pasteurizer
8. Line 3 Filler CIP Unilever Food Solutions Pietermaritzburg
9. Marble Gold Marble Gold
10. Materials Handling Projects (MHP) Materials Handling Projects (MHP)
11. Mooivallei Cheese Towers Mooivallei Dairies
12. Parmalat Ladismith CIP Plant Parmalat Ladismith CIP Plant
13. Quality control scale project Parmalat Stellenbosh
14. Reprogram and re-wire Cheddar Block Formers Ladismith Cheese - Cape Town
15. Tiger Brands Boksburg Tiger Brands Boksburg
16. UF / RO Electrical Ladismith Cheese - Cape Town